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MISSION STATEMENT                              

“Eddie and Justy” is a one-stop-shop producer-writer team offering quality content, artist production and A&R services with availability of masters, publishing and copyrights for sync and licensing. Eddie, as an accomplished producer, and Justyna, as successful singer/songwriter, understand and appreciate the nature (and business) of true artistry and feature an out-of-the-box approach to recording, all while maintaining the integrity and quality of an elite Music Row production house. 
Their combined experience gives them a strong competitive advantage in helping artists find their unique voice and branding in the marketplace, fast-tracking both their products and careers. 
In addition to their creative roles, they are also able to provide immediate delivery of recordings, master releases and publishing for synchronization (“sync”) and licensing (TV, advertising and movie trailers).
All material is created and produced in a controlled, high-quality environment at Historic RCA Studios in Nashville.


In-house production company and producer-writer team “Eddie and Justy” is housed in Historic RCA Studio C, where dynamic duo Eddie Gore and Justyna Kelley compose, arrange and produce custom projects for artists and for film, tv, sync and licensing. 


Friends for almost a decade, Eddie and Justyna launched a professional relationship in 2014, while working together on Justyna's Universal album. During this time they began filling requests for commissioned film and TV projects - A successful team was born!


Eddie and Justy provide quality control in every aspect of the recording process, from writing and development to masters, publishing and copyrights. 

As a record producer and a corporate executive, almost always I rely on my creative partners to help create, develop and finish projects...Sometimes that means handle the entire project start to finish and other times it is filling in the blanks and/or fixing something here and there. 

Whatever the case may be, you need people whom you can trust to get it right.  

Eddie and Justyna always deliver on time, within budget and bring in results that meet or surpass my expectations.

Gotta have go-to people, and Eddie Gore has always been one of those folks for me.

My only hope is that as he gets hotter and more famous I can still hire him.

-Mark Wright

Record Producer


Music Row Nashville

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